The ABCs Of Spinach

Spinach! You hear about it all the time, it’s an ingredient in a long list of favorite dishes, and you have a pretty solid understanding that it’s a healthy option. However, when it comes to why spinach is good for your oral health, you may be at a loss. Let us help you get started with the details with some ABCs!


A is for acid. More specifically, oxalic acid. It’s not what you think. Usually when you hear this word you automatically assume the food is going to damage your smile. With spinach, this is a substance found within the leaves that is in a crystalline form. When you eat the spinach and break the leaves down into tiny pieces, the crystals are set free (and they end up covering your teeth). Ready for the reason we’re telling you this? Well: That’s why spinach makes your teeth feel grainy, fuzzy, chalky, etc. Neat, huh?


B is for B vitamins. Did you know spinach has vitamins B1, B2, and B6? The “B” vitamins are primarily responsible for keeping your energy levels up, for helping you convert that spinach and the other foods you’re eating into energy, and can even help protect your teeth and gums for excellent oral health! So remember, eat your spinach!


C is for calcium. Did you know that spinach is a good source of calcium, which is a very important mineral for your teeth? You see, your teeth are composed of layers, the outermost of which is called enamel. It acts as a protective layer and is made up of a high concentration of minerals. Calcium keeps it nice and strong, so your oral health stays in optimal condition. 

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