Dental Contouring: 3 “Nopes” To Remember

You might love the idea of dental contouring for your smile until you start wondering about whether it’s safe and what the after-effects will be. Sure, gently reshaping your teeth should do the trick for making your smile look better but is it going to lead to consequences, you wonder? Is it all too good to be true? To help you feel nice and confident about choosing contouring, we offer up a few reassuring responses to implied, frequently asked questions.

#1: Nope, Your Enamel Doesn’t Contain Nerves

If you are worried that perhaps your enamel contains nerves and that you will have an uncomfortable experience with dental contouring (and that your teeth will end up sensitive afterwards), this is not going to happen. Enamel is free of nerves and because we remove only a small amount, the process and aftermath will all be quite comfortable.

#2: Nope, Your Teeth Won’t Re-Grow

If you ever wondered if the dental contouring you receive will not last because the tissue might grow back, this isn’t going to happen. You have the enamel that is currently on your teeth and that is it. It’s not going to regenerate, so once we remove it, it stays that way.

#3: Nope, We Won’t Remove Tissue Unless It’s Safe

Worried that your enamel could be thin and that dental contouring might damage your teeth? This is why we thoroughly plan out treatments like contouring. We will only provide it for you if it’s absolutely safe for your smile.

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