Teeth Gaps: 3 Things To Consider

Close your eyes and imagine what your smile looks like. Do you have smile gaps? Are they causing you any type of problem, whether emotional or physical? Have you long wondered if there’s anything you can do to change these small spaces, whether there are any advantages to doing so, and how you would even begin to approach making such changes? If so, we understand that this isn’t knowledge that most patients already have. To help you out with a head start on this journey, we suggest you consider three important details regarding those smile spaces.

#1: Cosmetic Dentistry Might Help

Don’t immediately make any assumptions about your smile gaps. Instead, recognize that there are different types of spaces, that some of them can cause problems for your oral health, and that others are extremely mild. If you are dealing with a space that is not harming your smile health but is detracting from an otherwise gorgeous grin, you might be able to address the problem with cosmetic dentistry.

#2: You May Require Orthodontics

Now, for those moments when it turns out orthodontic care is going to be your only answer: This is the result of something we call misalignment. It’s when your teeth are positioned in such as way that your bite is not balanced. In this case, to close the smile gaps, we will move your teeth.

#3: Fixing It Comes With Benefits

Think about the ways your life will improve by closing smile gaps. First, you might feel more confident. Next, food won’t become trapped in those openings any longer (which means avoiding hygiene-related diseases is easier). Then, of course, you will be less likely to experience functional issues if the problem affects your bite’s balance.

Learn More About Closing Smile Gaps

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