Toothpaste Promises: Are They Real?

As you know, advertising can become very misleading. The problem with this is that when you’re trying to buy toothpaste that is going to work for your smile needs, you might not know whether you can trust the promises that are printed on the box. While seeking out the ADA Seal of Acceptance will generally give you the reassurance you need that the product is A-OK, there are some other factors you should be aware of. They will help you determine whether you’re looking at a beneficial item or a hoax.

Yes, It Helps Remove Plaque

Fluoridated toothpaste will help you remove plaque when you brush twice a day with a toothbrush that has soft bristles. If your toothpaste claims it helps remove plaque, it’s not lying. It will really help protect against oral diseases, so you’re successfully addressing your smile needs.

No, It Doesn’t Dramatically Whiten

Even if it says it’s going to dramatically whiten your smile on the box, it won’t. Not if you’re expecting to go from discoloration to a noticeable shift in shade. For that, you’ll need to skip the fancy toothpaste promises and come in for the cosmetic care suited to your smile needs.

Yes, It Protects Against Sensitivity

If you purchase sensitivity toothpaste and follow the instructions that you find on the box, you will discover that it really does help your sensitivity. Just remember, it will only work if you continue to use it.

No, It Doesn’t Offer 100% Gingivitis Protection

Yes, using toothpaste to brush twice a day can help you avoid gingivitis. However, just because you use a particular type of paste does not mean you have complete protection against gum disease. You still need to brush correctly, floss, and see us for cleanings.

Protect Your Smile With Reliable Information

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