Understanding Stain Types

When you look in the mirror and your smile appears yellowed, you might not immediately recognize that there are different stain types that can cause your smile to look less than beautiful. Instead, your brain just tells you that your smile is stained and that’s all you need to notice to feel a bit down in the dumps about your appearance. However, we encourage you to recognize that there are, in fact, multiple types of staining, which can affect which type of cosmetic care treatment best suits your needs. Learn more about this!

About Surface Stains

A surface stain is discoloration that is happening on the surface of your tooth. It hasn’t discolored any internal structure of your tooth’s layers. In most instances, you can address and remove this type of discoloration with daily brushing and with whitening toothpaste.

About Extrinsic Stains

An extrinsic stain is one that requires cosmetic care if you are hoping to fix it. While you might think to yourself, “Oh, well this must be an external stain,” think again. It is occurring within the structure of your tooth in the outermost layer we know as enamel. As a result, it seems like it’s on the surface but it is unreachable with your toothbrush. You’ll need teeth whitening to destroy and lift this discoloration.

About Intrinsic Stains

Beneath your enamel, you have another dental layer called dentin. When this layer becomes stained, we call this intrinsic. It is most certainly happening internally, which means brushing and teeth whitening will not do. Instead, you may need cosmetic care to camouflage the stains, such as veneers or bonding, which will improve the appearance of your smile.

Find Out How To Address Discoloration With Our Cosmetic Care

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