Your Smile: Ways To Whiten

Did you know that there’s more than one way to whiten your smile? It’s true! While the traditional approach you’re thinking of might do the trick, you may also discover that there are other (often more effective) options. It all depends on your needs! Are you dealing with internal staining? Or, is it just mild to moderate extrinsic staining that is occurring within your tooth’s outermost layer, called enamel? Let’s quickly run you through your cosmetic care solutions, so you feel more familiar with how we can handle your discolored smile.

Whitening May Do The Trick

You might just need traditional teeth whitening as your cosmetic care treatment of choice. How to determine whether this is what you need? Generally speaking, whitening will get the job done when you are experiencing allover discoloration that is mild to moderate. If it’s quite severe or internal, you’ll need to consider another option. Or, if you have multiple improvements you wish to achieve, you might want to consider veneers.

You Might Want Bonding

Do you refer to your smile as discolored because you have a stain on your tooth? Maybe you have lots of stains. Maybe a few of your teeth are stained. When you need to address particular areas of staining, you might select dental bonding. This cosmetic care solution will allow us to cover up problems.

Veneers Might Steal The Show

Deep staining? Discoloration due to a traumatic injury that has since been treated? Want not only a whiter smile but also slightly straighter looking teeth, a more symmetrical smile, covered chips, and more? Porcelain veneers are likely just what you need.

Whiten Your Smile With Our Professional Care

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