Allergies And Your Oral Health

When you’re holding a tissue over your nose, your eyes feel puffy, and you’re wondering if there’s anything else you can do for your allergies, you’re probably not spending much time thinking about your teeth and gums. However, we like to remind patients that when allergies strike they can wreak havoc on your oral health. Not sure what might happen to your smile as a result of this respiratory interruption but you have a feeling you should probably get them under control? You’re certainly on the right track!

It Can Lead To Dry Mouth

If you’re dealing with allergies, you may have a runny nose. You might also feel stuffed up, which means you may not be breathing effortlessly through your nose. So what, you wonder? Well, this means you’ll be breathing through your mouth, which encourages dry mouth and a host of associated problems for your oral health.

It May Contribute To Bad Breath

About that dry mouth: It allows bacteria to hang around and multiply. When this happens, you can end up with bad breath. A buildup of bacteria can also mean that you are more likely to find yourself with a cavity or inflamed gums, all because of your allergies.

It Can Make Teeth Uncomfortable

Pressure in your sinuses as the result of allergies? As if this wasn’t already uncomfortable enough, it can press on teeth. This means you might feel discomfort in your smile (even more so if you have a cavity or something else is wrong with your oral health).

It May Make Snoring Worse

Anything that inhibits clear breathing can make snoring worse. Treat those allergies!

Address Allergies To Protect Your Smile

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