FAQs: Does Orthodontic Care Last?

The idea of receiving orthodontic care might not sound too bad to you. Then, when you learn about the results of Invisalign treatment, you may even realize that it sounds good to you. However, that final factor that might be causing you some uncertainty may include the following: You wonder what will happen once treatment is complete. Will your teeth actually remain aligned forever? Or, will they eventually become misaligned again? Let us help you out with this concern with our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will my smile simply stay exactly as it is after I am finished with my Invisalign treatment? Or will I have to do something to keep my smile in place?

Answer: It might shift unless you follow our suggestions. In most cases, we will ensure your smile alignment remains as it is by having you move forward with retainers.

Question: What if I’m a little lazy and I don’t adhere to the instructions you suggest for keeping my smile aligned? Can you help me fix it?

Answer: If your smile shifts out of place, it will likely mean going through further orthodontic treatment. Fortunately, if you don’t follow our suggestions exactly after Invisalign treatment, we can always help realign your smile in the future.

Question: Is there something that could mess up the alignment of my smile even if I follow your instructions? Should I be watching out for anything in particular?

Answer: Tooth loss can cause teeth to shift out of place, so make sure you address the issue with a replacement as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Make The Most Of Orthodontics With Us

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