Tongue Talk for Kids

Family dentists know a lot about teeth…and tongues! Your tongue is an amazing organ. It is very strong, for its size, and is made up of eight muscles. Tongues can have up to 10,000 taste buds on their surfaces. Together with the action of the lips, teeth and vocal cords, our tongues help us speak clearly. Because your tongue is in your mouth, it can help (or harm) your oral health. If your tongue could talk, it would have a lot to say about making the best environment for good oral health. 

“Brush Me!”

You have probably seen grownups brush their teeth, and that’s a good way to pick up that healthy, twice-a-day habit. Along with brushing your teeth twice a day, gently brushing the surface of the tongue will clear away bacteria that can cause breath to smell funny, and possibly lead to tooth decay.

“I Like Water!”

The saliva in your mouth helps wash way oral bacteria. Dry mouth is a very real condition that can affect people of any age. To help combat a dry mouth, drink plenty of water. Have a parent talk to your doctor or dentist if your mouth feels unusually dry, and drinking water doesn’t help.

“I Think Tongue Twisters are Fun!”

The human tongue can form 80 words a minute (and sometimes more!) Tongue twisters are one way to have fun: try a classic like “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Where’s the pint of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?” or make up tongue twisters of your own.

Dentists Know Lots of Tongue Facts

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