Why Is My Mouth So Dry?

When your mouth is producing a natural amount of saliva, chances are you don’t even notice it. However, when your salivary glands are not working properly, for whatever reason, you may experience the sensation of dry mouth. This condition is not only uncomfortable, but it can lead to the annoying condition of unpleasant breath. Even worse, a lack of saliva can help contribute to dental issues such as cavities, since food particles are not being naturally flushed from the teeth and mouth. A consultation with your dentist can help alleviate a dry mouth situation.

Dehydration (Not Drinking Enough Water)

In the warm summer months, your saliva production may slow if you are not drinking enough water. Surprisingly, thirst alone is not a good indicator of when your body may need more water. The Mayo Clinic suggests eight 8-oz glasses of liquid every day, as a general rule of thumb. If it is especially hot, if you are exercising, or if you are pregnant, you may need to drink more water.

Other Possible Causes of Dry Mouth 

  • Medication: There are many medications that list dry mouth as a side effect. Consult with your doctor or dentist if this is your situation. In some cases, there may be an alternative medication. In other cases, they may be able to suggest a mouth rinse or other product that will help.
  • Smoking Habits: If you need another reason to cut back on smoking or stop altogether, consider that smoking can contribute to a dry mouth
  • Using Smokeless Tobacco: Like inhaled tobacco products, smokeless tobacco can contribute to dry mouth
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Snoring
  • Medical Conditions: Issues with the salivary glands, and medical conditions such as hypertension, and diseases can leave a person with a dry mouth
  • Heredity: Hereditary conditions such as Sjögren’s syndrome and cystic fibrosis can produce a dry mouth in those affected by them.

If Dry Mouth Bothers You, Let Your Dentist Know

Untreated dry mouth can result in dental issues later on. For suggestions on coping with, or putting an end to dry mouth, contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.