3 Things To Avoid Right Before Getting In Bed

When you brush in the morning, you look forward to a day full of snacks, meals, and more. However, when you brush (and possibly floss) at night, you’re headed for bed and sleep. To avoid introducing something into your oral environment right before you’re unconscious and unable to clean your smile again for many hours, we suggest you remember to avoid certain things right before getting into bed. Remember, water is always A-OK! Most other things, however, can encourage decay, gum disease, and additional oral health problems.

#1: Taking Cough Syrup

It’s okay if you take cough syrup right before bed, of course, but not if you literally take it right before bed but after you have already brushed your smile. What’s the big deal, you wonder? Well, it is made to coat your throat, which means it will coat your smile, too. Its acidic nature (and its deep color) can lead to oral health issues like decay, as well as staining. Take the cough syrup before brushing instead of after.

#2: A Late Night Glass Of Milk (Or Wine, Etc.)

If you want a drink after brushing but before going to sleep, a glass of water will be safe. However, just about anything else will include some type of sugar or will be acidic, which means you’ll saturate your smile with oral health damaging ingredients, which they will remain exposed to while you sleep. Skip the late night beverages to keep your smile healthy.

#3: Any Type Of Food

Don’t eat anything after brushing but immediately before bed! You’ll encourage cavities and gum disease. 

Protect Your Efforts With Our Advice

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