FAQs: Yes, You Really Should Straighten Your Smile

Have you ever found yourself spending a ton of time wishing for a straighter smile and then asking friends and family members, “Should I really do it?” If this is something you feel strongly about but you are looking for someone to give you some very good reasons why you should move ahead with plans for Invisalign treatment, you have come to the right place! You might be surprised that aligning your teeth can actually offer you more advantages than you imagined.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is choosing Invisalign treatment going to help my smile look that much better? I always assumed Invisalign couldn’t do very much.

Answer: It really will! If you have minor problems with your alignment, clear aligner trays will help. If you have more serious malocclusion, such as under bite, crossbite, over bite, open bite, etc., Invisalign will help with that, too.

Question: Will I end up protecting my oral health in some way by deciding to align it? I know I want it to look better but I’d like to feel like I’m making a good choice for my health, too.

Answer: As a matter of fact, you will most certainly protect your smile. A poorly balanced bite is prone to functional disorders (bruxism; TMJ disorder). Aligning your teeth lessens your chance of jaw joint, grinding, and clenching problems.

Question: Will having a straight smile make my daily life any easier aside from the fact that I’ll feel more confident with a more beautiful grin?

Answer: Yes! Choosing Invisalign treatment to straighten your smile can help you achieve the following: You will no longer have any spaces or overlapping teeth, which means cleaning your smile with brushing and flossing will prove easier (and you’re less likely to end up with food stuck between teeth).

Align Your Smile For Wonderful Benefits

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