Summer Is Time For A Brighter Smile!

Summer Is Time For A Brighter Smile!With all of the sunshine, everything is just a bit brighter in the summer. Why not make your teeth match with a whitening treatment? Over the years, our teeth can become dull and stained losing that healthy luster. There are two types of stains on teeth: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic stains are only on the outer layer of the teeth called the enamel. These types of stains can be removed through a whitening treatment. Intrinsic stains reach below the enamel and go deep within the tooth. These types of stains come from within and are often caused by medication or internal damage to the tooth. Your dentist can recommend other cosmetic options to deal with intrinsic staining. 

In-office whitening

After your dentist has determined if your teeth are intrinsically or extrinsically stained, you will discuss options. For whitening, a treatment can be done in the office. It takes up to one hour and can make a dramatic difference in the whiteness of your teeth. The procedure uses a specialized light to stimulate the bleaching gel into giving accelerated results. You will walk out of the office with a brand new smile.

At-home whitening

Depending on your schedule, you may prefer to do a take-home kit. Your dentist will custom fit a mouth guard tray for you. You will be sent home with the custom tray and a professional-grade bleaching gel. Your dentist will give you specific instructions of how and when to wear the whitening tray. It usually takes about 10-14 days to get your teeth the dazzling white that you are looking for.

Whitening can give you a bright, beautiful smile!

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