The Real Deal: FAQs About Canker Sores

The truth about canker sores is that you may or may not know what to make of them. You might wonder if they are dangerous or if there’s something you should do about them. Or, you might wonder if there’s not really anything to worry about at all. For the introductory details, we’ve got them ready for you with our FAQs. For everything else, come in and ask away during visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I know if what I’m seeing is a canker sore or not a canker sore?

Answer: Generally speaking, you’ll know a canker by its appearance. It’s an ulcer, so it’s going to look irritated! The center of the sore will have a whitish appearance to it, while the entire ulcer is surrounded with a red border. You can expect for the tissue around it to look and feel a little swollen and it will likely hurt.

Question: Is this type of sore something that I should worry about enough to come in to see you for a dental checkup?

Answer: Generally speaking, no. You won’t need dental care for this issue. That is, of course, unless your sore is extremely severe. Or, if you have been waiting for the sore to heal but it isn’t showing signs of going away (or it’s progressively getting worse), then you should definitely come in for a checkup ASAP.

Question: What’s your advice for helping a canker sore heal quickly?

Answer: First, try to ignore it, so you don’t end up touching it and making it worse. To help it heal speedily, you should rinse several times a day with salt water to keep it clean. In addition, you may wish to buy a numbing-and-healing ointment from the store for relief and to help it go away more quickly.

Come In For Serious Sores

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