Tough Stuff: A Hidden Culprit For Your Smile

You know that there are some things out there that you should avoid like the plague, so your smile remains safe and intact. In many instances, these things are fairly obvious. For instance, you know that too many desserts will encourage cavities, that trying to break a hard nut open with your teeth can generate cracks, etc. However, if you’ve never considered the way that super tough foods can play a role in damaging your oral health, it’s for good reason: It’s not that obvious. Fortunately, we’re here to fill you in on the details.

You Might Break A Tooth

If you’re someone who loves tough foods then you might find that you end up with a broken tooth! “Not possible!” you might yell out, “I’m eating tough stuff, not hard stuff!” Now, take a moment to think about this. The force behind fracture in your tooth is pressure blended with resistance. When you bite into birthday cake, there’s absolutely no resistance from the cake. If you try to bite into a piece of very tough steak, however, there’s a lot of resistance. Too much and your tooth is going to break. Not a very fun oral health problem to be faced with!

You Might Strain Your Jaw Joints

Another problem with snacking on tough foods or including them in meals? Your jaws might get more than tired. They might become damaged and strained, which can bode poorly for your oral health. When you ask your jaws to overwork themselves, the muscles and ligaments that support them may become tired and inflamed, too. You don’t want injuries like this! So, instead of eating very-difficult-to-chew candies, bagels, or otherwise, find something else to enjoy.

Protect Your Smile With Our Care And Help

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