Why Ask Us About Sleep Apnea?

We know that when you begin to suspect something might be wrong with you and that it might be time to schedule a visit with us, you may do just the opposite. Instead of telling us that you think sleep apnea may be affecting your life, you may instead wish it away, come up with reasons you probably don’t have it, rationalize that it’s probably a waste of time to ask us about it, and the list continues. Guess what? It’s actually always better to mention it. Why is this the case? Let us explain!

You Might Not Have It

You might not have sleep apnea or require treatment. However, we may be able to help you figure out what is causing you some difficulty with common symptoms like anything from fatigue to morning headaches. Sometimes, you simply need some guidance to address snoring even if a more serious sleep disorder is not the culprit (and why not treat any issue present, so you can resume solid sleep)?

You Might Need Treatment

Then again, you may find that you do indeed suffer from sleep apnea. If so, when you come to us with this concern and we diagnose you, the next step is to receive treatment. What does this mean? Well, just that you will have a comfortable and noninvasive treatment provided to you that will allow you to sleep and stay asleep, while those frustrating symptoms begin to go away.

It Can Cause Severe Health Problems

Of course, the number one reason to ask us about sleep apnea is the fact that if it is affecting you and you ignore it, the future will likely include some not-so-fantastic problems for your overall health. Keep your cardiac health, liver health, blood pressure, and more in good shape by treating this sleep disorder if necessary.

Schedule Your Sleep Apnea Consultation Today

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