3 Quick Whiter-Smile Fixes

There are oh so many things to talk with you about if you’re interested in making your smile look whiter without spending too much time doing so. Of course, the best way to get going with a serious improvement is to talk with us during a consultation about teeth whitening (and more), so we can take a look at your smile and speak with you about the details. As for quick fixes that can help you put your best and brightest smile forward as often and soon as possible, spend a moment thinking through a few suggestions.

#1: Change Your Color Choices

Haven’t seen us for teeth whitening yet? Well then, what colors are you wearing near your smile every day? If you’re wearing warm tones (like red, orange, or yellow), then you’re going to be making your smile look more yellow. If you are trying to hide or improve discoloration at the moment, focus on neutrals (white, gray, or black) or cool tones (purples, blues, etc.) that will keep teeth looking whiter!

#2: Consider What You’re Drinking

If you’re at a party and you choose a glass of red wine, you can guarantee you’ll be walking around all night with a grayish, purple-ish cast to your teeth. Remember that your choices throughout the day can actually affect how bright (or discolored) your smile appears. Stick with water and clear drinks and you’ll be in better shape in the moment.

#3: Choose In-Office Whitening

If you want your smile to appear whiter through the help of a cosmetic treatment, remember that your take-home whitening option is going to take a couple weeks. Good news: We also offer an in-office teeth whitening treatment that just takes about an hour. If you can fit it into your schedule, you’ll be blown away by the speedy and beautiful results!

Whiten Your Smile Quick With Our Help

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