3 Reasons To Time Dental Hygiene Sessions

Are you timing yourself during dental hygiene sessions? How about your kiddos? If not, you really might want to think about incorporating this into your time spent in front of the bathroom sink with your toothbrush and toothpaste. Let us offer a few simple yet compelling reasons to try it!

#1: So You Know You’re Doing It Well

When you start wondering if you’re doing things correctly, you can worry that you’re not giving your smile what it deserves. With something as straightforward as dental hygiene, there’s no reason to put yourself through any unnecessary stress. Remove the mystery and instead, reassure yourself that you’re doing your best to get all of that pesky plaque away, by timing the process.

#2: To Keep Kids From Taking An Hour

When you’re not dealing with kids who don’t want to brush, you may find yourself with kids who manage to spend about an hour in the bathroom when all they needed to do was head in there, brush their teeth, and then go to bed! Good news: A timer is a fun way to limit dental hygiene time. Buy an hourglass model and little ones will love everything about it, from getting to flip it over to watching the sand run out!

#3: To Train Yourself

Eventually, you’ll get a feel for what a two-minute brushing is like if you continue to time yourself during brushing. At first, unless you happen to already be right on the dot, you’ll think to yourself, “Wow, that was fast!” or “Wow, I really need to brush for more time.” After a while, you may not need to use the timer so much anymore because it will be much easier to know when your smile is clean versus when you’ve rushed through the experience. It’s an easy way to form good habits!

Keep Smiles Healthy With Our Helpful Tips

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