Mouthwash Tips For Your Dental Hygiene Routine

To use mouthwash or not to use mouthwash … it appears to be one of those age-old questions! Perhaps you have used it for your entire life. Or, maybe you have long considered it and have only recently thought it might be a nice addition to your home dental care. No matter where you land on the spectrum of years of use, you will find that there are some tips that ring true for everyone! Let’s work our way through some beneficial advice, so you feel good about this extra effort with your dental hygiene (or your child’s!).

Tip: Follow The Instructions (Or…)

First and foremost, always read the instructions printed on the label. They will tell you how much to use, when to use it, and more. If there are no particular instructions about the lineup of product use (such as whether to brush and floss and then rinse, etc.), then simply choose what works best for you). Or, ask us for assistance!

Tip: Practice With Kids First

If you are adding mouthwash into your child’s dental hygiene routine, then you might want to think this through ahead of time. If your child is quite young or sometimes likes to swallow his or her toothpaste instead of spitting, start with this trick: Have your child practice with water first. Once you feel confident your little one understands he or she must spit it out, it’s time to move forward with the real rinse!

Tip: Don’t Expect Magic!

Remember that mouthwash can be a wonderful addition to your dental hygiene. However, it does not replace any one part of your hygiene. So, be careful not to expect too much. If you need assistance with a problem with your smile health, come on in!

Learn More About Optimizing Your Dental Hygiene Products

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