Scorched Mouth: How To Handle It

Did you get a bit too excited about autumn, make yourself a steaming cup of pumpkin spice coffee, and sip before it had time to cool down? If so, you may be sitting a bit miserably with a very uncomfortable, slightly scorched mouth and burned tongue. Assuming you did not severely burn your mouth but that you are most certainly not pleased with the current sensations, we can offer the immediate answers you’re looking for that will provide relief.

First, Go For The Cold

It’s true. Your instinct that you should “cool your tongue off” with something that’s cold is correct. Address a burned tongue by holding it under cold running water. You may sip cold water to alleviate discomfort, as well. Remember that the issue will heal quickly, so try to stay calm!

Swish With Salt

Saltwater is the stuff you can make without having to run to the store, that will help you feel better (it will help the pain go away), and that will keep your mouth nice and clean. When your burned tongue remains clean and comfortable, your experience and your healing process can move along swiftly. Mix salt with water, rinse several times throughout the day, and your tongue will be better in no time.

Avoid All Things Hot

Yes, you should be avoiding things that are hot temperature-wise and then things that are figuratively hot (like very spicy foods). This will help your tongue stay comfortable, will not encourage inflammation, and you’ll be much happier for it. Stick to the cold, cool, and lukewarm stuff until your burned tongue feels better.

Deal With A Scorched Tongue With Our Tips

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