Water Flossers: Take A Quick Quiz!

What is it that you are missing in your dental hygiene routine? Are you brushing and flossing, both according to our specifications for how often, the best way, and for how long? If so, then you’re probably not in need of much else. So, where does the water flosser fit into your oral health routine then, you wonder? Well, this is something we can answer easily. A brief quiz should help!

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: A water flosser is a device that gets your dental floss wet, so you can more easily slide it between teeth.
  2. True or False: It’s okay to use a flosser instead of dental floss, as long as you’re making sure you’re being extremely thorough.
  3. True or False: It’s okay for mom and dad to use a flosser but this isn’t a good idea for kids or teens (especially if they’re wearing braces).

Quiz Answers

  1. False. A water flosser is a dental hygiene instrument that includes a water basin, hose, and handheld wand. A stream of water shoots from the wand’s tip, which you may use to cleanse your teeth.
  2. False. It’s never okay to completely replace dental flossing. You will need to floss every day, once a day, for life for healthy teeth and gums.
  3. False. Actually, this is a wonderful addition for nearly any member of the family (usually six years of age and older). It’s perfectly safe and even helpful for kids who have braces, as it can improve dental hygiene!

Find Out If A Water Flosser Will Work For You During A Visit

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