Complete Tooth Loss: 3 Important Facts

When we sit down and talk with you about your complete tooth loss, you will probably have a one main thing on your mind. It may go something like this: “How am I going to get my smile back? Will it ever look good and work well again?” Fortunately, this is not something you need to spend even a second worrying about! We have answers and prosthetic dentistry options. Let’s get going!

Fact #1: It’s Called Edentulous

If you hear us talking about your smile being edentulous or using the term edentulism, there is no reason to worry that something is wrong. It might not sound pleasing but this is simply a term that refers to a smile that does not contain teeth. The good news is that soon, once we have considered the prosthetic dentistry options available to you, you will become a patient with a full set of teeth and a lovely grin.

Fact #2: Dentures Are Quick

In addition to the fact that full dentures can offer you a beautiful smile that looks natural (technology for dental care is advanced, which means that modern dentures are gorgeous), you can expect something else: A quick improvement. When you’re hoping to restore your smile within a short timeframe, this is your best bet.

Fact #3: You Can Rely On Implants

Part of you may assume that implants are only for partial tooth loss. However, this is not the case! You may elect to replace your entire smile with single implants and crowns. Or, as you’re researching your prosthetic dentistry solutions, you may also discover that you’d prefer to replace your teeth with implant-supported dentures! You have a lot of options and they all lead toward exceptional results.

Learn More About Smile Completion With Us

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