FAQs: Meals Before Dental Care?

Perhaps a friend recently mentioned to you that it’s best to eat a meal before heading in for dental care. You might have shrugged this off or considered it a preposterous suggestion. However, you may have also spent some time wondering if it’s true. Should you actually consume food before your appointment? Actually: You should! Now, if you have some questions that follow this realization, we’ll be happy to answer them. Let’s start at the beginning with some FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What reason is there for me to consume a meal before I see you for dental care? Isn’t it better to just wait until after my appointment?

Answer: If you’re someone who feels at all anxious about care, eating will help keep your nerves steady rather than on edge. You can also avoid feeling lightheaded or super hungry, which will happen if you wait too long to eat!

Question: Should I brush after I eat my meal? What if I’m coming in for a dental cleaning?

Answer: No matter the type of dental care you will be receiving, it is always appreciated when you brush before we see you.

Question: Are there good and bad choices for my meal? Or, should I just go ahead and enjoy whatever it is I’m craving?

Answer: We encourage you to avoid anything very heavy, fatty, full of carbs, or high in sugar. You’ll have a much better time if you choose food that won’t lead to fatigue because it wears off too quickly. (In short: A high protein, low fat, low carb meal wins).

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