What Does Professional Preventive Care Actually Prevent?

When you come to us for your professional preventive care treatments, you know that you’re doing yourself quite a service. Your oral health will remain healthier and safer, thanks to your decision to see us for cleanings, checkups, and more. However, do you really have a solid handle on those potential problems that prevention is helping you avoid altogether? Or, do you feel good about what you’re doing for yourself but you couldn’t exactly explain the details if we were to ask? Not to worry. We are happy to talk about some of the benefits you can expect from seeing us regularly for preventive visits.

Tooth Decay And Gum Disease

Preventive care allows us to clean your teeth by addressing the buildup your toothbrush misses. The result? A much, much greater chance that you aren’t going to experience decay or gingivitis.


When you come in for preventive care visits, we can detect problems like tooth decay that have already occurred. “So, what makes this helpful in preventing problems, then?” you may wonder. Well, it lets us treat issues (like decay) immediately, so infection and serious complications don’t follow.

Jaw And Dental Damage

If you are someone who’s suffering from either bruxism or TMJ disorder (or both), then you need preventive care to treat the issue and to stop potential jaw and dental damage from occurring. Did you know that bruxism can lead to fractured teeth, erosion, and tooth loss? That TMJ disorder may result in serious jaw health problems? See us for preventive care.

Sleep Problems

Are you experiencing sleep apnea? You may not know it. You may know, however, that you feel exhausted just about every day and that additional problems (like irritability) are piling on. If so, talk with us. Sleep apnea treatment can actually help prevent some major types of damage to your overall health!

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