Reasons To Eat Pumpkin This Fall

Nope, we’re not talking about pumpkin flavored eggnog or pumpkin pie. We’re talking about cutting up a raw pumpkin and eating it in any fashion you see fit! Bake it up, cook it in a pan, make it into soup: Whatever you fancy. After all, it’s fall and you’ll be hard pressed to walk into any store without being met with mass quantities of available, orange-hued squashes! Now, as for why it’s good for your smile health to do more than decorate your pumpkin? You may be surprised!

They Provide Beta Carotene

Let’s begin with the easiest aspect of what makes pumpkins so wonderful for your smile health and why you should be turning them into food, not just Jack-O-Lanterns! They’re a wonderful source of something called beta carotene. If you hear this term and think “orange” then you are on the right track. Many bright orange hued foods are rich in this pigment that your body will change into vitamin A. This is great for your oral health (it helps you avoid dry mouth and protects teeth), as well as other areas of your body, such as your vision.

They Provide Other Nutrients, Too

Pumpkins are whole foods that are also nice and rich in other essential vitamins and minerals that promote optimal oral health. Let’s take a stroll through some of the details:

  • These squashes are high in zinc, which is good for your immune system and protects your gum health!
  • You’ll get a lot of vitamin C, which helps you avoid colds and smile health problems because it’s an immune system booster
  • Magnesium (found in pumpkin seeds) is going to protect your teeth, too

Ask For Nutritional Education To Protect Your Smile

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