Smile Safe Holiday Drink? Think Again!

Are you about to reach for a glass of a very delicious beverage during your holiday meal because you assume that in addition to being enjoyable to your taste buds, it’s safe for your smile health, too? Hmm … you may need to re-think your decisions. Unless you’re sipping on milk or water, your selection might not be the super-safe choice you initially assumed. Let’s run through some commonly confusing culprits, so you know you’re making wise decisions for your dental health.

White Wine

White wine is one of those beverages that everyone reaches for because they think it’s the wise alternative to red wine. The problem is, it’s no better for your smile health or its appearance! It’s still very acidic. This means it can damage enamel and will set the stage for future discoloration.


Eggnog might make you think of a glass of milk, which is generally safe for your smile health. However, remember that this beverage likely contains a lot of sugar. It might have some alcohol in it, too. So, it’s acidic and sugary, making it less than ideal for protecting your teeth.


Mmm, the hot apple cidery goodness of wassail! It tastes oh so holiday cozy. Unfortunately, it can also stain your smile, is acidic, and is most certainly full of sugar.

Now What?…

Remember, you can enjoy any beverage you wish. It’s simply important to note that if it’s not water or plain milk as mentioned, then you may need to practice some (very easy) caution. Just remember to follow it up with water! This rinses teeth of sugars and other damaging particles.

Avoid Unexpected Hazards For Your Smile

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