Christmas Travel: Hazards To Remember

Wondering why we have a lot to say to you regarding your smile this holiday season? Well, it’s because your world gets completely shaken up in most cases. You’re not in your usual routine. To you, that doesn’t mean much except for some time to rest, hang out with the people you love, and have a nice time. To us, however, the change in your routine means that your oral health may be exposed to hazards that are not usually there. Not to worry, they are very easy to avoid if you know what you’re looking for!

If You’re Not At Home

Remember if you’re not home and someone else is cooking for you, that you should not assume they make all the same decisions you usually make for your own cooking. For example, perhaps you have a particular way of making your coffee in the morning. By the time you reach for your first cup, it’s not too hot and you immediately take a sip. When drinking anything hot (or eating anything), check it first or give it plenty of time to cool down. Protecting your oral health means preventive burns!

Watch Your Footing

There are a lot of reasons you might lose your footing over the holidays. No, we are not insinuating that you’re clumsy. However, this is a common time for some slip-and-falls to occur, which can damage your oral health by breaking tooth tissue. So, if you’re in a new environment and you’re walking around on slick surfaces due to winter weather, be careful! Simply keep this type of thing in mind, so your smile remains intact!

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