Your Smile Care: It’s About Time!

Did you know that in some instances, time is on your side when it comes to your dental care? In others, it can play out against you. While there are some details that have simply become part of your daily oral health narrative (for instance, you know that if you’re not brushing for around two minutes, you’re not brushing for enough time), there are other less apparent facts that can help you when you’re aware of them! Let’s cover a couple to get you started.

Meals And Sweets: All At Once, Please!!

You want to eat dessert, of course. Candy is delicious! Cakes are exceptional. Who would pass up a brownie? However, you might not notice that the timing plays an important role in whether desserts are not great or quite bad. Remember the following: When you eat dessert with your meal or immediately after, you’re salivating. Saliva helps neutralize the acidity of your mouth. It also helps flush your mouth of sugars and other particles. Eat it with other foods to protect your oral health.

Skip The Sticky: Fruits Included

If there’s one thing that’s easy to get confused about, it’s assuming natural foods like fruits are always safer than something that’s full of table sugar or otherwise. Unfortunately, anything that includes sugar (either natural or not), can become very problematic for your smile when it’s sticky. The sticky part means it’s going to stick to your tooth surfaces for more time. This is a poor choice for your oral health because the longer the sugars are stuck to your teeth, the more damage they can do! So, reach for the natural, raw fruit or cooked fruits when you can (rather than the sticky, dehydrated stuff). Of course, reach for the candy that dissolves fast, too.

Get On Track With Proper Smile Care Timing

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