Smile Care: Your Nighttime Checklist

There might be a smile checklist that you tend to go over in the morning without thinking much about it. You make sure you’ve brushed along with other getting-ready-for-your-day details. Now, how about nighttime? Do you have a mental checklist (or a physical one, if you prefer) so that you know you’re practicing optimal smile care in the twilight hours, too? If not, we think you just might want to begin incorporating one for better protection.

Did I Brush?

As you prep for bed, not your day, remember that you will still need to ask yourself whether you brushed. At night, once you’ve brushed, it’s important to then avoid any additional snacks that can re-coat teeth, causing you to need yet another dental hygiene session.

Did I Floss Today?

Your smile care is only complete for your day if you have flossed once over the course of the day. Remember to ask yourself whether you’ve accomplished this task when you’re going through your nighttime dental routine. If the answer is “no,” then make sure you floss during evening dental hygiene.

Is My Mouthguard In Place?

Do you use a mouthguard for bruxism? TMJ disorder? Sleep apnea? Don’t forget to wear it every single night as instructed! Ask yourself about this smile care detail as you’re getting ready for bed.

What’s On My Nightstand?

Take a look at what you have on your nightstand as you’re going through your nighttime smile care routine. You may have water to drink, a humidifier to prevent dry mouth, and even lip balm. There should be nothing else that will pass your lips (such as a beverage, food, gum, etc.) if you want to protect your smile.

Take Our Nighttime Routine Tips For Protected Smile Health

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