2 Types Of Bad Breath

You may have noticed that there seem to be different types of bad breath. While there be multiple ways to define, describe, and categorize them, we’d like to cover two main types to watch out for to keep your oral health safe! The first, of course, is easy to remedy. The second may require a little help from us. Sort out the details with our help, so you know what’s what.

#1: The Type You Can Easily Camouflage

If your bad breath is the result of some dish you ate that ended up guiding you toward some very foul breath (okay, or just a bit of bad breath), then you’re not dealing with a chronic, long-lasting problem. This is the type of breath you can camouflage with sugarless gum, mouthwash, etc. Once you have made it through your dental hygiene and the garlic, onions, or otherwise have had time to wear off, you’ll go right back to enjoying your fresh breath again.

#2: The Type That Doesn’t Go Away

Bad breath that hangs around and that you can’t quickly solve with a quick cover up, brushing session, and a bit of time is something else: It’s a sign that you need help with your oral health. There are multiple things that may be contributing to your oral tissues smelling unpleasant. It may be the result of bacterial buildup due to poor hygiene (not brushing and flossing enough or correctly). It could be that you need a professional cleaning. You may have decay, an infection, or dry mouth! To find out what it is and for a solution, see us soon for an appointment.

Address Serious Bad Breath With Our Professional Care

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