Acid Erosion: 3 Big Problems

When you let acid erosion get the best of your smile, you’re not just looking at minor issues. Of course, it’s tempting to assume your smile is strong enough to deal with drinking acidic drinks like sodas, wine, lemonade, and coffee to your heart’s content! However, protecting your smile by rinsing with water, limiting acidic foods and beverages, etc. may be more powerful than you think! Care for your smile with thoughtful choices, dental hygiene, and our services to avoid enamel damage and three very serious consequences that come with it.

#1: Weakness

When we talk about acid erosion, we are talking about the break down of the protective tissue layer on your teeth, which we refer to as enamel. It is composed mostly of minerals. When exposed to too much acid (foods, beverages, or your own mouth’s environment when too acidic), the enamel layer becomes thinner and thinner. As it thins, it weakens. As it weakens, teeth become more vulnerable to damage and decay.

#2: Sensitivity

Remember that your enamel is hard and does not contain nerves. This helps keep teeth comfortable, as there are nerves further beneath within deeper tissue layers. Unfortunately, when acid erosion strips teeth of enamel, what comes to the forefront is the next layer called dentin. It covers deeper layers full of nerves. The result? Teeth become sensitive due to this exposure.

#3: Yellowing

About that dentin that’s now very near to the surface of your teeth: It’s not a clear or white tone. It’s yellow. When enamel is thick and healthy, it covers it and light bounces from the enamel. Your smile, as a result, appears white. When enamel is thin, your smile looks yellowed.

Avoid Acid Erosion With Our Help

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