Dental Care: Keeping Your Hands Nice And Clean

We know that when you’re focused on your smile health and what it takes to maintain it, you’ve got your mind set on brushing and flossing. You stare at your calendar, call us, and set up visits for cleanings and checkups. These details, of course, make up the foundation of a healthy smile. What you may not notice about dental care, however, is that you can help make it even better when you’re mindful about keeping things clean (beyond your grin). Make a few mental notes!

Hand Cleaning At Work

If you’re at work, we encourage you to remember that some say your work desk is a place more full of bacteria than many! Remember, you’re touching shared doors, equipment, etc. The bacteria and germs you pick up should stay out of your mouth! Remember to run to the restroom or break room to wash your hands (or keep a hand cleaning sanitizer at your desk) so you may clean before snacking or eating.

Hand Washing At Home

Wash your hands at home to keep smile health safe. Head to the kitchen or bathroom and wash away before you eat snacks, prepare meals, eat meals, or perform dental hygiene.

Hand Cleaning When Out And About

When you’re out and about, it’s easy to sit down at a restaurant table and forget all about washing your hands. It’s a good idea to do so. Since stopping to go to the restroom, wash your hands, and then try to avoid touching the door can be frustrating, try carrying hand sanitizer with you! That way, you can clean your hands then enjoy your meal without germ transfer affecting your smile health.

Protect Dental Care With Tips For Sanitation

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