Flossing Details: Safe Or Not?

Flossing is always beneficial to your oral health, right? Well, it is as long as you know what you’re doing! So, how to distinguish between flossing that’s safe for your smile and then those flossing moments that are absolutely hazardous? It’s really not going to take much to begin to see the light! Let us guide you with some examples, so you feel you have a better grasp on protecting your smile with dental hygiene. (Still need help? Just ask.).

Flossing Frequently

It’s okay to floss frequently. While you are only required to do this one time daily during one of your dental hygiene sessions, you are free to floss when you feel like you need to or want to. Remember, though, that if you’re doing so in a dangerous manner, you are doing more harm that good. Consider additional details…

Flossing Hard

If you floss very hard, you’re heading away from protecting your oral health. You need only to floss very gently, ensuring you are thorough and that you’re gently curving the floss around each tooth. Quickly and aggressively sliding it up and down is not going to help you (it will only damage your gums).

Flossing Slowly

There’s nothing wrong with flossing slowly. What you want to do is to take your time to make sure you’re thorough and you’re gentle. If you notice that you happen to rush your dental hygiene sessions, make a bit more time for them, so you don’t accidentally use too much force.

Flossing For Food Removal

It’s not safe to only floss where you think you may have stuck food. You should floss your entire smile once a day for the best smile health benefits you can achieve.

Protect Gum Health By Flossing Correctly

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