Sparkling Water: Good? Bad? Or Somewhere In Between?

You know that sodas are bad for your oral health. You also know that water is exceptionally good for your smile. So, what to make of sparkling water? Is it considered soda or water or neither? Is it safe for your smile or is it something you should avoid at all costs? Let’s break down the major details associated with this beverage and how it may affect your teeth, so you know whether or not it’s safe to sip.

When Sparkling Water Is Okay

On its own, you’ll be fine if you’re drinking sparkling water. It’s a tiny bit more acidic than water, which is neutral. However, it’s safe for your teeth! If you’re someone who is quite careful with your oral health and aren’t sure what to make of this beverage, the bottom line is that you do not need to lump sparkling water in to the soda category. Feel free to go ahead and drink it!

When It’s Not So Great

You need to remember to be careful about what you’re drinking. Yes, it may say sparkling water on it. However, it’s only safe for your oral health if you are sure there are no colors added to it and that there are no additional ingredients. If you notice added juice, flavors, sugar, or other sweeteners, the drink may be much more acidic than you realize (and remember that colorants can cause stains). Always check the ingredients list before you decide to drink a beverage, so you can be certain that you know what you’re ingesting!

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