Cosmetic Treatments: What Parts Of My Smile Can Receive Help?

You know when you think about cosmetic treatments that they can help your smile to look even better (or a lot better). What you might be getting a bit hung up on, though, is trying to sort out which parts of your smile we may treat with cosmetic dentistry. Are treatments available solely for your teeth? How about other tissues that may negatively affect the beauty of your overall grin? Let’s break down the major categories, so you begin to see how we can assist you!

Your Teeth

We can treat your teeth when you’re feeling like your smile looks not the way you would like! What types of problems might we be able to address with cosmetic treatments, thus transforming your appearance? This may include addressing chips, tiny cracks, length problems, stains, and all over discoloration.

Your Gums

Did you know that your gum tissue might be the problem if your smile doesn’t look as lovely as you would like? Symmetry problems and assuming you have short teeth can actually be the result of unbalanced or excessive gum tissue, which we can solve with a cosmetic treatment!

The Spaces, Too!

While the spaces between your teeth are actually not parts of your smile, they may present you with something you’d like to fix. When you’re unhappy about gaps, remember that we can offer you cosmetic treatment to make them go away. We may address them with Invisalign if you are dealing with serious spacing due to alignment concerns. Or, we may close gaps with bonding or veneers. It’s essential that you come in to determine which treatment will work for you!

See Our Team About Cosmetic Care For Your Needs

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