Do You Need: Gum Contouring Or Other Cosmetic Care?

A common issue among patients who seek cosmetic care is the fact that it’s easy to confuse one problem with another and, as a result, the requirement of one treatment for another. For instance, did you know there may be instances in which you think you should be receiving care for your teeth when, in fact, it’s your gum tissue that could use some sculpting with gum contouring? Let’s work our way through some fascinating facts, so you get a steadier handle on this detail!

Gum Tissue Contouring Or Bonding & Tooth Contouring?

When you notice that your smile isn’t looking symmetrical, you may blame it on your teeth. However, you may need to blame it on your gums. This can present a challenge for you. Remember that a lopsided grin can require tooth contouring or bonding if you are attempting to even out teeth lengths. However, don’t forget that the lack of balance you see could actually be the result of poorly balanced gum tissue, which will instead require gum contouring!

Contouring For Gums Or Periodontal Care?

You might have trouble determining whether your gums are inflamed or if their “puffy” look is due to the fact that you were simply born with more gum tissue than you find esthetically pleasing. If you’re dealing with actual gum disease, then you will require periodontal care. However, if you simply have short-looking teeth because of too much gum coverage, gum contouring can fix your problem!

How To Find Out For Certain

Come on in for a dental visit with our team. Give us a heads up that you are unhappy with your smile’s appearance and would like to discuss cosmetic treatments.

See Our Team For Gum Contouring

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