Fillings And Feelings: Important Details

Are you curious about dental fillings and feelings? Is the treatment going to feel okay, you wonder? What will your smile feel like right after the filling? How about down the road? The good, short answer to these questions is that you’ll feel A-OK throughout your experience. Since we know you’d like details, however, let’s work our way through those inquiries!

Your Filling Experience Should Feel Fine

Your dental filling should feel perfectly fine. Don’t forget that in order to treat your decay, we begin with anesthetic to numb the site of your filling and the tissues that are nearby. So, really, you should feel very little other than some slight pressure as we work on your tooth.

You’ll Be Feeling Normal Again In No Time

Right after you leave our practice, you will still have very numb tissues. As a result, you may drool a bit and may have trouble enunciating certain words. The dental filling site will be numb, as well. Since it can be a bit sore when the anesthetic wears off, you may take over-the-counter pain relievers for relief (you won’t need to do this for more than a day or so).

Sensitive Feelings After Fillings Are Normal

If you feel a bit sensitive after your dental filling, that’s not unusual. It’s okay if your tooth takes a little while to feel like its old self. However, what isn’t normal is prolonged redness or swelling (or severe pain)! If you experience any concerning symptoms, call us right away. However, you’ll probably either feel completely fine or deal with a little bit of sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures or pressure, which will go away on its own.

See Us For Fillings When You Require Them

When it’s time for a filling, schedule your visit and come in! It’s the easiest way to resolve decay and protect your oral health. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.