Q&A: Invisalign Timeline Time

Yep, try saying “Invisalign timeline time” three times fast! It’s quite a mouthful. The good news is that Invisalign treatment isn’t the mouthful that comes with traditional braces, which is why patients feel so excited to receive them. Instead of the arch wires and the individual brackets on each tooth associated with braces, when you choose Invisalign, it’s all about wearing very slim clear trays over your teeth. You’ll hardly notice them (and the same is true of those looking at your smile). Now, these are benefits you can feel good about. However, you may wonder: But what about the timeline? We can help.

Questions and Answers

Question: How long is it actually going to take from start to finish if I choose Invisalign treatment? Is it the same amount of time as braces?

Answer: Choosing Invisalign will usually leave you with a shorter treatment time than is required of braces. Though the time ranges from person to person, depending on your needs, it usually takes about a year to a year and a half to complete.

Question: How many hours a day should I keep my Invisalign treatment trays on my smile? It is really important that I’m serious about the details?

Answer: It’s very important that your trays are in place for 20 to 23 hours every day. Otherwise, you may disrupt treatment, which will make it go much slower.

Question: Am I going to wear one set of trays for the whole time? Will you adjust them? How does it work?

Answer: Trays are not adjusted. You will start with one set. Then, you’ll wear another. Then another. The change takes place about every two weeks or so.

Learn Whether Invisalign Works For You

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