Veneers: 3 Ways You Can Accidentally Destroy Them

“Wow!” you might think to yourself, “I had no idea I could damage my porcelain veneers so easily!” The truth is, they’re actually extremely durable, so you can expect long-lasting wear from them. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some very clear pathways toward accidental destruction. As long as you’re aware of them, steering yourself in much safer directions will be easy to accomplish.

#1: With Abrasive Toothpaste (And Hard Bristles)

One way you can very easily damage your porcelain veneers is to use rough products on them. We know that the logic center of your brain tells you that this approach makes absolute sense and that you should scour your veneers. However, if you want them to remain smooth, vibrant, shiny, and beautiful, you should avoid abrasive toothpaste, hard bristles, and anything rough.

#2: By Making Poor Food Choices

When you choose foods that might crack a natural tooth, then you’re choosing foods that may crack your porcelain veneers, too. Remember that it’s actually very easy to select foods that you can break down without much effort (or, that your utensils should be able to help the food along before you eat it).

#3: By Relying On Them As A “Third Hand”

Just because you have porcelain veneers does not mean your smile suddenly becomes stronger. You still should not use your smile to help you out where you might need a “third hand.” When you try to carry items, pry things open, tear through packaging, and more, you open your smile up to serious potential for damage.   

Protect Veneers From Damage With Easy Tips

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