Symptoms And Your Smile!

Like many people, you may rely on symptoms to let you know that something is wrong with your smile, that it’s time to schedule a dental checkup, and that you require dental care. The truth is, you should not rely on the presence or absence of symptoms as your compass when we’re talking about your smile health! So, what are you supposed to do about symptoms that do occur and how do you plan out your care if none ever show up? Try out some simple explanations to gain the clarity you need on this topic!

Don’t Wait For Symptoms To Schedule Your Checkup

You don’t want to wait for symptoms to show up in order to schedule a dental checkup. Why is that? Plain and simple: It’s because preventive visits (which include checkups and cleanings) are meant to help you avoid the development of symptoms and the problems that they represent. If you’re waiting for signs that something is wrong, you’re approaching prevention incorrectly!

You Won’t Always Experience Symptoms If Something Is Wrong

Now, let’s talk about something that may surprise you. Symptoms won’t necessarily show up, letting you know that something isn’t on track. Instead, a problem can absolutely be brewing, sometimes for a quite a while, but you have no idea! That is, unless you see us for dental checkups, during which we can see something is not quite right very early on.

Symptoms Can Represent Multiple Problems (So Come See Us)

Symptoms are not something you can decode on your own. Your toothache, for example, may mean you have a cavity, an infection, or even something else (or nothing at all). If a symptom occurs, see us. We will tell you what is really happening and what you need.

Learn All About Protecting Your Smile With Us

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