Considering Yoga: How It May Help Your Oral Health!

If you’re someone who is already practicing yoga (or you’re thinking about adding it into your life), you may wonder if it offers any potential benefits for your oral health. The answer is that it’s absolutely going to bring some advantages with it. While you’ll still need to brush and floss and your preventive visits will always be necessary, why not spend a minute consider how this meditative form of movement might help you with a smile concern or two?

It Can Promote Saliva Production

Think about how you feel when you’re extremely anxious or stressed. Stage fright is a good example! While you may generally feel like your mouth is A-OK, the moment you step in front of a podium, you may be faced with a seriously shocking case of dry mouth! Fortunately, yoga is a very relaxing practice that helps you center your thoughts, let go of anxiety, and this can help you with saliva production. There are also certain poses that are meant to help stimulate your salivary glands! As you know, proper saliva flow is essential to your oral health, so yoga just might add this benefit into your usual approach to preventive care.

It’s Wonderful For Your TMJs

One of the main concerns we talk about in regard to your lifestyle if you have TMJ disorder is addressing stress. There’s the physical stress that you place on your TMJs when you eat food that’s too hard. Then, there’s the fact that emotional stress often translates itself into your body as tensed muscles and clenched teeth. Fortunately, as you practice yoga, you also practice mindful breathing, you relax every one of your muscles, and you may even achieve a reduction in emotional stress. This can offer some serious relief to your jaw for improved oral health.

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