Dental Floss: 3 Places You’ve Just Got To Stash It!

As you know from experience, there are moments in life when you wish you had your toothbrush on hand because you’d be able to freshen up your smile. However, the moments you really remember and hope to avoid reliving? When you’re stuck without your dental floss. Whether you have food stuck between teeth that nobody can see but that is very uncomfortable or if you’ve got a lone piece of debris front and center that’s absolutely embarrassing you, there’s no replacement for floss! Consider a few key locations to stash a container, so you’re never stuck without it!

#1: Your Bag

Whatever it is you happen to carry with you, whether it’s a purse, a backpack, a laptop bag, etc., this is a smart place to stash some dental floss! People who are on the go and who frequently have their bag with them or nearby will be able to consistently access floss when it’s necessary! Just toss a tiny container into a pocket and you’re good to go.

#2: Your Glove Compartment

Think about the times you’re in your car, take a quick look in the mirror, and notice to your horror that you have food stuck between your teeth. This could be on the way to a date, on the way back to work from lunch, on the way to a party, or otherwise! When you’ve got an important destination ahead and your smile is looking less than appealing, you can grab your dental floss and quickly fix the situation.

#3: Wherever You Work

Whether you have an art studio, you work from home, you work in an office building, and the list goes on, keeping some dental floss in your work space can help you enjoy the working hours of your day without dealing with any of the aforementioned frustration!

Consider Our Floss Tips For Successful Smile Care

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