Oral Health Danger: Under The Radar Fruit

When we tell you to beware of fruit, you think of fresh fruit. You may visualize yourself avoiding eating an orange, being mindful of squeezing lemon into your water, and being careful with berries that may have pits or seeds! Remember: Fruit is highly acidic, which means that when you eat it, though it offers nutritional benefits, it also weakens your enamel. So, it’s best to have a plan (like drinking water with it or planning to rinse-then-brush after). What you might overlook, however, is that fruit often shows up without your even noticing it! We’re happy to offer some oral health tips.

Watch For Pies

Sure, pies are appreciated all year round. However, they seem to show up at any type of holiday party, so we’re reminding you to keep this in mind! Don’t overlook the fact that the apple pie you’re enjoying over the winter holidays or the peach pie you’re eating over July 4th are not only sugary but they contain acidic fruit, too! This is a very good time to get serious about your rinsing with water after eating (or about toting a brush and paste along with you to festivities) to keep oral health safe.

Remember: Fruit Juices Count, Too!

Ah, yes! A tall, cold glass of lemonade is so inviting and, when you remind yourself that it has real lemons in it, it seems like a solid choice. However, remember that the fruit juices you’re drinking (which are going to be on the rise as the temperatures go up) are, of course, beneficial for your health but they’re also very acidic. Either avoid them and try to stick with water or sip down water after you indulge to protect your oral health!

Ask Us For Tips To Keep Teeth Strong

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