Tobacco: Simple Reasons To Give It Up

You’ve heard it before if you’re a tobacco user: You should quit! While you may have a general sense of why this is, we always like to run through a list of compelling reasons that it’s better to live a life without this habit. If you’re hoping to jump start your desire to end tobacco use and to better protect your oral health, we are happy to help.

It Stains Your Smile

Tobacco stains your smile. This is likely something you won’t be able to avoid. Over time, you can expect brown spots or all over yellowing. While there’s always cosmetic dentistry, remember that as you damage the appearance of your teeth, you may also be damaging your oral health. Better to avoid the issue altogether, of course. However, if damage has already been done, you can rest assured we are here to offer the esthetic support and restorative improvement your smile needs (without judgment, of course!).

It’s Making Your Breath Bad

Even if you’re a tobacco user and you’re an avid brusher and flosser, you may still have problems with bad breath. Remember that tar can hide, leaving you with unpleasant odors you can’t seem to remove.

It’s Bad For Everything!

Remember that while we are primarily focused on your oral health, the use of tobacco and its side effects are not limited to this area of your body. While it may certainly contribute to oral cancer and periodontal disease, it can also contribute to cancer elsewhere in your body and other health problems. Skip it, so you can promote your best health!

Talk With Us About The Benefits Of Quitting Tobacco

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