Tooth Loss And Age: Is There A Connection?

You may figure that when you’re older, you’re going to lose your teeth. Perhaps you have seen this in movies, you don’t really know anyone in their 20s with tooth replacements, or you just assume that your teeth begin to break down with every passing year. What we are very pleased to explain to you is that there’s not really a strong connection between the amount of time that has passed since your birth and the potential health and longevity of your smile! Want some specifics regarding tooth loss? We thought so!

You Have Had More Time For It To Happen

When you consider the fact that the older you get, the more opportunities there are for you to end up with a seriously damaged or dislodged tooth, then you might be able to apply this line of thinking to tooth loss. Sure, the older you are, the greater the chance that you could have possibly lost a tooth. However, here’s what you really need to know…

It’s Not A Normal Facet Of Aging

Aside from accidents (like you were playing baseball, had a run in with a bat, and you lost your tooth), you can avoid losing your teeth. Your age is not connected to tooth loss. Older smiles are not going to be less healthy than young smiles just due to age. It all hinges on whether you practice good dental care throughout your life and continue it into older years or not. Protect your smile and you won’t experience tooth loss.

You Can Prevent It Forever (Except For Accidental Traumas!)

You can avoid tooth loss forever (not counting any of the aforementioned accidental traumas) by sticking to your dental hygiene, your preventive visits, and any other treatments we suggest.

Address Your Tooth Loss Concerns With Us

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