Want A Tongue Ring? 3 Reasons To Beware!

Do you want a tongue ring for yourself? Are you under the impression that, like any other type of jewelry or accessory, this is really no big deal? If so, what you happen to be overlooking is the fact that when you pierce your oral tissue, you’re exposing yourself to a greatly heightened vulnerability to problems. In addition, when you introduce a hard object into your smile that will be around 24/7 (or close to it) the risk becomes sky high! Think about a few things to beware of, so you know your final decision on the matter is a truly informed one.

#1: It Can Harm Your Nerves

Your tongue has nerves in it, did you know this? You probably had a general idea, since when you accidentally bite your tongue, it is very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, a possible side effect of receiving and tongue ring is that the puncture may damage your nerves. When this results in nerve damage, you can end up with numbness. Don’t forget that this can become highly disruptive in your life, as you need your tongue to speak and eat!

#2: You Might Be Allergic Or Sensitive

You might not realize that you have an actual allergy or serious sensitivity to metal. When you wear it on your body, a little itching is one thing. However, when you have metal through your tongue, you can end up with a severe and sometimes life-threatening reaction. Protect your oral tissues by considering this detail.

#3: It May Be More Troublesome Than You Think

You may need to take the ring out when you play sports, when you see us for a checkup, when you work, etc. In addition, it threatens your oral tissues in so many ways (you can crack teeth, irritate gums, etc.). Life may be much easier without a tongue ring!

Learn More From Us When You’re Considering Changes

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