Dental Care: 3 Important Finger Reminders

There are some things you might need reminding about when it comes to your fingers and dental care. It can make the difference between keeping your mouth and your whole self super healthy (and actually enjoying dental hygiene) … or not. Don’t worry: They’re super simple!

Reminder #1: Don’t Put Them In Your Mouth Dirty

If you are going to put your fingers in your mouth for any reason (perhaps you’re about to floss), then make sure you are absolutely not putting dirty fingertips in there! Your fingers pick up lots of germs throughout the day. Wash your hands. Then, you’re good to go and your dental care won’t lead to any problems.

Reminder #2: Flossing Doesn’t Have To Cause Numbness

You might find that you feel sort of unkindly toward the flossing part of your dental care because it always makes your fingertips feel numb. This doesn’t have to happen. Here’s the easy solution: Stop winding the floss around your pointers. Wind it around your middle fingers instead. Use your index fingers and thumbs to gently grip the floss. You’ll be amazed by the results!

Reminder #3: Don’t Poke At Your Teeth

Yes, you know what we’re talking about. You may find that when your tooth hurts, you think something is stuck between your teeth, you’re trying to see if you have a cavity or not, etc., you may feel the temptation to use your fingers to poke and prod your teeth (or use your fingernails to attempt to dislodge things). Don’t do this. Keep those fingers out of your mouth (unless you’re flossing). If you need help with dental care, contact us!

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