Pressure And Your Smile: 2 Things To Avoid

You may already be very familiar with the pressure you put on yourself to take care of your smile. As long as you’re not stressing yourself out, then this can prove quite healthy! Remaining motivated to keep your cleanings and checkups scheduled (and anything else you need) is so good for your teeth and gums! However, the type of pressure that you should not be dealing with is physical pressure, which when exerted on your teeth can yield some not so wonderful results. Consider a couple things that you should probably avoid, so you’re not setting your smile health up for problems.

#1: The Daily Grind

What’s your daily list of habits look like when it comes to your eating? Are you grinding anything particularly rough, hard, or tough into that bite of yours? For instance, does a single day for you include stuff like granola, hard crackers, tough meat, ice cubes (that you chew), and other similar items? When the answer is, “yes” remember that your teeth and your jaws may have trouble keeping up with all of this pressure. Don’t let daily choices damage your smile health. Eat stuff that isn’t so hard to grind down!

#2: Grinding Daily

Now let’s talk about your own daily grinding. Translation: Do you grind your teeth, a problem we call bruxism disorder? If you do, then you probably already have some instinctual idea that this isn’t going to bode well for your smile health. All you need is treatment from us that you’ll use at night (it’s a mouthguard), so this issue doesn’t cause problems for your teeth or for your jaw joints due to excessive pressure.

Protect Your Smile From Pressure With Us

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