Unexpected Toothbrush Suggestions: Some New Ideas!

You might think you’ve got it all figured out when it comes to the toothbrush you buy at the store. Then again, you might grab the first thing you see. Or, you might choose something that looks “cool” even though it might not be great for your oral health. Yes, you know ADA approval and soft bristles are a must. However, what else might you want to consider before purchasing? Think about some unexpected suggestions! They just might help.

Check Out That Overly Sized Toothbrush Head!

You might be extremely impressed by the multiple rows of bristles you see on a toothbrush’s head. Then, on either side, there are small plastic finger-like protrusions to stimulate your gums. What you realize, however, when you get the brush home is that you can barely fit all of that in your mouth, let alone move it around! Consider this when you’re choosing your oral health related products. It might look fancy but what you need is for it to get the job done!

Try Out A Head With An Extended Bristle Area

Do you have wisdom teeth in your smile? Perhaps your back teeth simply feel way far back there. Remember that if you need help reaching back teeth, you will be able to find a toothbrush with extended bristles at the top of the head. These will help you reach back teeth, so that you can thoroughly cleanse them, rather than unintentionally skipping over them, for protected oral health.

Start With Battery Powered

Want an electric toothbrush but you’re not excited about the price tag? You may want to give yourself a preview by trying a battery powered brush that offers an introduction into this world.

Make Your Next Brush Your Best With Our Tips

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