3 Food Types To Watch Out For!

As you may have already begun to realize, there are lots of things to watch out for when you’re out in the world, living your life, and making choices for meals and snacks! Some are extremely obvious. Some are a bit more confusing. To help, our Virginia Beach, VA team discusses those top things you should absolutely watch out for to ensure you’re not heading down a direct highway toward tooth decay, damaged teeth, and difficulty keeping teeth in healthy condition. Remember, by making simple choices with food, you can often give yourself a powerful dose of oral health protection!

#1: Incredibly Hard Foods

It doesn’t really matter how you look at it: When you force teeth to try to break through food that’s hard as a rock, the chance of serious damage occurring is sky high. We always advise our patients to look out for things that could crack a tooth. This could mean skipping the super-hard chips. It might mean being careful as you eat watermelon to avoid chomping down on an unexpected seed. In any case, when there’s any threat of an item that practically needs a sledge hammer to be broken apart, it’s something to keep away from your smile if you want to keep your oral health safe.

#2: The Chewy, Hard-To-Break-Down Stuff

Anything that stretches and stretches and exhausts your jaws and end ups soaking your teeth in sugar isn’t a good choice. You’ll tired out your TMJs. Bacteria in plaque on your teeth will have a heyday. Don’t give into lots of taffy or caramel eating, for instance. It’s never good for your oral health.

#3: Stuff That’s Pure Sugar!

When you choose to chew on gum that’s full of sugar, you’re really just grinding those sugars into your teeth. When you’re eating breakfast cereal that’s just coated in sugar, the same thing is going on. Now, imagine you are drinking a soda that’s full of sugar: It’s completely saturating every tooth! Remember this when it comes to the choices you make for your smile. As you cover teeth with sugar or really pack it against your chewing surfaces, you’re doing a bit of a disservice to your smile! Protect it from tooth decay by skipping these options when you can (or by really remembering that after you eat them, you should rinse and then you should brush).

Ask Us For Tips To Protect Your Oral Health

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